e-care is our robust quality system delivering an end-to-end process ensuring confidence for you in our products integrity and specifications.

  • Uncompromised ingredient sourcing: Our products are made in Australia, using the finest base ingredients that are rich in goodness and technically advanced.
  • Advanced nutritional formulation: e-babycare formulations are developed by food technology leaders in Nutrition and Human Health and surpass regulatory standards.
  • Latest technology manufacturing: e-babycare products are produced from the finest ingredients in our technologically advanced production facility in Victoria Australia, specialising in ‘wet blend’ production. A process that offers a far more consistent mix, delivering a balanced nutritional drink for your baby.
  • Class leading secure packaging: Our packaging process is second to none. Our product is packaged and sealed in Australia which locks in the goodness and guarantees freshness.
  • Overlapping quality assurance systems, multi-layered compliance testing: ebabycare quality assurance processes, underpinned by the Australian Government’s Department of Primary Industry, laboratory testing and audits are supplemented by our own audits and micro-biological testing to deliver an unquestionable level of product assurance
  • Secure and audited logistics: We employ accredited logistics storage, ensuring our shipments are not climate impacted on their journey and once cleared by CIQ labs in China, we utilise best practice  partners for stock movement.

Our e-care system is our unceasing commitment to deliver peace of mind to mothers. We care about you and your baby.