The purity of our products at e-babycare is, and will always be, our first priority. The challenge to deliver products that are free from contamination and distress due to issues like climatic, social or geographic trauma is comprehensively solved by our decision to source from Australia.

With only 10% of the world’s dairy cows living solely on its pastures, the Australian dairy industry has an important advantage when it comes to delivering high quality ingredients. Gippsland, Victoria has a climate that grows grass year-round in most regions, and is mild enough that cows can be kept outside in all seasons. This is important in the production of healthy milk and why ebabycare source our milk from these unspoilt lush pastures.

The cows grazing along side the world heritage listed Wilson Promontory, in Gippsland, Victoria, where the land is pure and pristine: Vast plains, rolling hillsides, miles of coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches – it’s all there, purity and tranquility.

e-babycare’s success is driven by a number of principles which are implemented into our daily practice:

  • Honest: We will not make any outlandish statements about what our products will do, we simply present you with the facts supported by the best professionals in their field.
  • Understand your needs: Ongoing research is conducted to your needs based on our market research and your baby’s nutritional requirements.
  • Peace of mind: Parents have enough to worry about. We understand this and ensure from the pristine pastures, from which our milk is sourced, through every packaging and delivery step along the way, that you can have confidence in our testing and quality assurance procedure achieved via Australia’s best & most complete safety product delivery processes.
  • Innovation: Never satisfied with only repeating what our competitors are doing, our passion is to engineer and deliver a new innovation such as our BPA free Milk Formula measuring scoop with soft touch handle and our secure seal Silicon lid.
  • Community: Your community is important to you and us. We listen to what is important to mothers today. We participate with the community and assist in spreading mothers knowledge and happiness to lighten and brighten your day.